Wholesale price of vegetables reduced by half in Bogra’s Mahasthan


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Wholesale price of vegetables reduced by half in Bogra’s Mahasthan

The prices of all types of vegetables have dropped in the space of a week in Mahasthan Bazar, Bogra’s largest wholesale market, due to continuous blockade. The price of some vegetables has halved in a week. Farmers are facing loss due to fall in prices. Farmers, wholesalers and retailers say the blockade has negatively affected the prices of vegetables due to disruption in supply.

Meanwhile, the price of vegetables in the wholesale market has decreased significantly, but the price of vegetables in the retail market is still high. Wholesale traders are blaming middlemen for this. Mahasthan Bazar, one of the country’s largest wholesale markets for vegetables, had a record supply of winter vegetables on Monday. But the sellers did not get the desired price of vegetables.

Talking to farmers and wholesale traders, it is known that the wholesale price of cauliflower per kg was Tk 45 in Mahasthan market a week ago. Yesterday it was sold for Tk 25-30. The price of Radish, which was Tk 40 a kg a week ago, has been reduced by half to Tk 20 and eggplant from Tk 40 to Tk 25.

Apart from this, Patol is sold at Tk 23 per kg, Barabati Tk 12 to Tk 25 per kg, Eggplant Tk 25, Cabbage at Tk 22 per kg, Beans at Tk 60, Papaya at Tk 11, and Sweet Gourd at Tk 18 each. The price of green chillies of Tk 160 per kg has come down to Tk 80 in a week and the price of cucumber at Tk 40 per kg has come down to Tk 25 per kg. Thus the price of all kinds of vegetables has decreased.

Traders and wholesale traders in Mahasthan market say that due to the blockade, the movement of goods trucks on the highway is being disrupted. The rent has also increased. Traders and vendors are not buying much vegetables. Not paying extra. As a result, farmers are forced to sell vegetables cheaply as they are perishable products.



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