Placement issues have been misused in the stock market


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Placement issues have been misused in the stock market

Placement in the stock market is a very important issue. Through this, some people are involved in the stock market. This place has been completely destroyed. In the last 10-12 years placement issues have been handled very badly.

Speakers made these complaints at the fruit festival organized by the Capital Market Journalists Forum (CMJF).

Former president and current director of DSE Shakil Rizvi, CEO Forum President Chayedur Rahman, director Richard D Rosari, and former director of DSE Minhaj Mannan spoke at the festival organized at CMJF auditorium in Al Raji Complex, Paltan, under the chairmanship of CMJF president SM Golam Samdani and moderated by general secretary Abu Ali. Emon, President of Economic Reporters Forum Refayet Ullah Mirdha, Former President Saiful Islam Dilal, Former President of CMJF Ziaur Rahman, Former General Secretary Monir Hossain.

President of CEO Forum Chhaydur Rahman said I think placement was a very good initiative for the stock market. But its pros and cons depend on who is using it and how. But its bad use has increased.

Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) Director Richard De Rosario said placement is a very important issue. Through this, some people are involved in the capital market. This place has been completely destroyed. However, if journalists highlight these irregularities through writing, there may be some transition. Otherwise, the situation will worsen.

Shakil Rizvi said the size of our stock market is still small. We sincerely want the market to be as big as other countries including neighboring countries. Journalists should come forward for this.

He said, currently the stock market has to go through many obstacles. One of the biggest obstacles is the lack of opportunity to collect cash. Who would want to come here if there are so many obstacles? It does not happen that the investor will make losses and not be able to withdraw cash.

DSE’s former director Minhaj Mannan Emon said that journalists have been reporting various irregularities in the capital market. Through this, injustice will not stop, but we hope that it will decrease.

He said, 9-10 years ago, even though there were not so many big companies in the stock market, then 500 to 600 crores were traded. Even after all these years, the transaction has not increased, but over time, the transaction has come down to 300-400 crores. It would be wrong to say that our achievements in the last 10-12 years are nil. We are actually in a negative state.

He also believes that no economic development is impossible by denying the role of the stock market in the global economy.


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