Padma Bank Launches a New Lucrative Product for its Customers


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Padma Bank Launches a New Lucrative Product for its Customers

A few years ago, Rehana Begum, a school teacher from Chandpur, opened a double deposit scheme at Padma Bank Limited. Recently, the scheme has matured. She is very delighted that within only five and a half years, the amount has doubled. Consequently she reopened the account with the profit.

Rehana Begum said, “My dream is to make my daughter a doctor. She is in ninth grade now. So I am saving this amount for her future.”

Currently, the cost of living is very high. Under the circumstances, many people are not able to save money. Despite that, Mr. Jalil Hossain, an Uber rider in Dhaka, opened a 10-year monthly deposit scheme with Padma Bank . He didn’t face any hassle due to paper work. By using the Padma Wallet App, he opened the account himself in a few seconds. As per instruction, the bank automatically deducted the amount from his savings account.

Jalil said, “I was a chain smoker earlier, but at this high price, I gave up the habit. Now I am able to save some money for my family and children. Ultimately, my hard work is for their well living.”

Mr. Sharif Moinul Hosain, EVP and Head of Corporate Affairs and Communications of the bank, advised everyone to save money because only savings could give someone shelter in a crisis. He added that those who started saving money after the Corona pandemic are not afraid of this high price. He said that in Padma Bank, anyone can open an account for only taka 10, so it’s time to save now with Padma Bank.

Padma Bank recently introduced a new monthly savings scheme. Anyone can open it. The starting amount is from five hundred to twenty-five thousand for a total of 3, 5, 8, and 10 years. The customer will get a 13% interest rate.

Mr. Ratan Shaha, a renowned businessman from Gulshan in Dhaka, is an honorable client of Padma Bank. He said, I am a businessman, and I know how to capitalize on cash. So I don’t take any risks for the future. Padma Bank gives more profit, so I decided to save my earnings with them. They are modern technology-based banks. I use their mobile app, Padma Wallet.

Besides the Monthly Savings Scheme, Padma Bank launched the Double Benefit Scheme, which makes your money double in a five-year six-month tenure. They also introduce the Monthly Income Scheme, where depositors get one thousand and sixty taka for each lakh.

Mir Shofiqul Islam, Head of Retail Banking Division, said we brought different and varied new products for the customers so that they could save happily. In our bank, they will have short- and long-term savings facilities, so anyone can avail any of them.

He added that one must save money on time. Today’s savings are the strength of the future. So Padma Bank’s aim is to support every person’s dreams and accompany them to save for the future.



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