IoT products from Walton, ACC brand draw global buyers attention at Canton Fair in China


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IoT products from Walton, ACC brand draw global buyers attention at Canton Fair in China

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The ‘Made in Bangladesh’-tagged IoT-based smart refrigerators and air conditioners of the European ACC and Bangladeshi Walton brand are luring global buyers at the ongoing 134th Canton Fair, which began on Sunday in Guangzhou, China.

The world’s largest trade show, ‘Canton Fair’, has opened up great opportunities for expanding the export markets of Walton-made products to new countries.

According to Walton Global Business Section’s officials, global buyers at the fair are mainly looking at whose products are of good quality and at low prices. In this case, Bangladeshi electronics giant Walton is in a good competitive position as its product cost is lower than that of other brands and the product quality is also world-class. Thus, the Walton and ACC brand’s smart fridge, AC, solar fan, rechargeable fan, etc. drew the attention of global buyers at the trade show.

The vice president of the Walton Global Business Section and chief coordinator of the Walton Pavilion at Canton Fair, Abdur Rauf, said that lots of foreign buyers, traders, and importers who came from different countries at the fair are thronging the Walton Pavilion with great curiosity. They were impressed by the ‘Made in Bangladesh’ tagged IoT-based smart electronics products, including the world’s first AIoT-based 9-in-1 convertible mode French door, 8-in-1 convertible mode side-by-side door smart refrigerators, huge energy-saving and environment-friendly offline voice control AC, VRF AC, fan, etc.

Rouf noted that they are getting a huge response from global buyers. Canton Fair is paving the way for creating business relationships with global buyers. Walton’s products are already being exported to more than 40 countries in Asia, Europe, America, the Middle East, and Africa. The fair has opened up the opportunities for further expansion of the export markets of Walton products to new countries and also helped implement Walton’s vision of becoming one of the best global brands in the world by 2030.

Mostafizur Rahman, Walton Refrigerator’s Brand Manager, said, “From the beginning day of the Canton Fair, a large number of foreign buyers from America, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Uruguay, Algeria, Greece, the Middle East, Poland, Palestine, Iraq, Mexico, Germany, Gabon, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Peru, Yemen, Lebanon, Oman, Myanmar, India, etc. visited Walton Pavilion. They were surprised to learn that the products of the famous European ACC brand are being manufactured by the Bangladeshi brand Walton. They applauded the distinctive features of the Walton and the ACC brand’s, like the application of the world’s most advanced technologies, world-class standards, lucrative design, and competitive prices.”

Walton Global Business Section’s official Shahriar said Walton’s IoT-based inverter technology’s huge energy-saving offline voice control smart AC and VRF AC are the prime attractions of global buyers and visitors at the fair.

In addition, refrigerators such as the 660-liter capacity convertible-mode French door model, the 619-liter multi-colour ide-by-side door model, the 646-liter model with a water dispenser feature, the 343-liter combi model, and the 193- and 93-liter single-door model refrigerator with an ice cream cooler and beverage cooler are also attracting global buyers. Besides, solar and rechargeable fans are also getting sound responses.

The first phase of the 134th Autumn Canton Fair started on October 15 at the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou, China, and will continue until October 19.

Walton is the first and only Bangladeshi electronics company to take part in the Canton Fair for the third time. Walton’s Mega Pavilion is set up at the Canton Fair’s International Pavilion.


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