Coronavirus Transmission; Kitchen markets…the hotspot


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Coronavirus Transmission; Kitchen markets…the hotspot

As the number of deaths and infections of coronavirus patient rises everyday in Bangladesh, the country’s kitchen markets are becoming the new hotspot for massive transmission of the deadly virus, experts observed.

However, they warned that if the social distancing is not maintain at kitchen markets, it will pose serious threat for the country.

They also said that if anyone stands face to face, the distance from one to the other should be six feet and the distance must be three feet in terms of standing row. But people are not maintaining social distance  at these places in the country.

Meanwhile, the government banned all kinds of social, political, religious gatherings to prevent the virus from March 19.

Only emergency services including kitchen markets, drug stores and hospitals have remained open for the convenience for the general people.

Former IEDCR Chief Scientific Officer Moshtaq Hossain said, “All government and non-governmental organizations are closed, but emergency services are open. Kitchen markets are the most risky places now. If you go to these places in case of emergency, you must maintain social distance and wear mask as we do not know who are infected and who are not.”

About the distance, he said, “Standing face to face, the distance from one to the other must be two meters or six feet. Now this is more urgent.”

 However, while visiting different kitchen markets in the capital it was seen that people were not maintaining the minimum distance till now.

 Moazzem Hossain, a government employee on Thursday went to the Palassey kitchen market to buy commodities, said, “I have brought vegetables, fish and meat for coming days. The price of essential is stable but huge number of people coming at the same in the kitchen market without maintaining social distancing.”

 He also said, “I know, the spread of coronavirus is worsening in our country day by day. It’s very risky as the deadly virus spread human to human. But I had no way.”

 Kamruzzaman, owner of Ismail General Store said consumer did not maintain the social distance.

 “They are always in hurry. I tell them when they come. Some people maintain it and some are not.”

 Director of the Department of Health (Planning and Research) Professor Dr Iqbal Kabir said, “We have to create public awareness in a great extent so that the general people can maintain social distance and know about lockdown. Many people do not know the exact details of the distance while many are not aware about it.”

 The number of coronavirus patients reached to 1,572 in the country with reports of 341 more new cases in last 24 hours.

 At the same time, 10 deaths were recorded during the period, rising the toll to 60 

 It is the highest single-day number of deaths and infection since the outbreak began in the country.

 Prof Dr Nasima Sultana, additional director general of the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), informed this at a regular online bulletin over COVID-19 on Thursday.



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