Low PPE may pose doctors life risk; underhand dealings blame


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Low PPE may pose doctors life risk; underhand dealings blame

Central Medical Supply Depot (CMSD), the office for medical equipment supply to government hospitals is receiving low quality personal protective equipment (PPE)  from local garments in exchange of underhand dealings posing a serious threat to doctors and nurses life.

Sources in the CMSD said when USA and Europe are struggling with PPE the CMSD flooded with it. “The CMSD has now a reserve of over 300,000 PPE supplied by over two dozen companies,” a high official of the CMSD said.

When Asked Brg. Shahidul Islam, Director, CMSD said  its officials are not technically capable to certify the quality of PPE. “Many local companies are supplying it. It has standard guidelines from World Health Organization (WHO) and Director General Drug Administration (DGDA). In our procurement process we are maintaining the WHO guideline and certification from DGDA,” Mr. Islam said.

The CMSD Sunday and Monday has refused over 160,000 PPE from two companies claiming those are below standard.

But the company owners said their products are international standard and they are only companies buyers of which have patent rights in USA.

“Bangladesh has only three factories which are able to produce and sewing internationally standard PPE. But the CMSD is now receiving PPE from jacket producing companies who does not have even primary idea about PPE safety,” a high official of a company told Business Mirror Tuesday. He said their products quality is global standard for which its prices is higher than that of other companies.

Managing Director of another company, product of them also refused by CMSD blamed some officials of the state owned medical equipment supply authority said they demanded money from us. “When we refused paying the said amount they refused our product even after giving us work order and supply order,” the entrepreneur claimed preferring anonymity.

Asked about risk of physicians and nurses safety Shahidul Islam said “ We are supplying doctors and nurses of Kurmitola Hospital and other hospitals where there have Covid-19 patients quality Chinese PPE instead of locals.

He said general people need not wear PPE for normal reason. PPE is made only for doctor and nurse but general people should not wear.

About the quality of other product the CMSD Director said none can supply here without certification from DGDA.



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