Common-man Weekly Market Analysis; Capital market: the hand of Iblis and recent prospects


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Common-man Weekly Market Analysis; Capital market: the hand of Iblis and recent prospects

Banks, institutes, brokerage houses are the vampires of this market. They will take advantage / incentives from the government on various pretexts, trade placement at issue price, this is their main business. They don’t bear the burden of bearish markets.

They are responsible for the last 10 years the market has been bad and a few abnormal declines. So they and their brokers are friends of Iblis for the capital market of this country!!

They pushed the market into an uncontrollable collapse in October 2019 and March 2020 by creating planned cell pressure before setting the floor price. For the past one month, they have been using various tactics to raise the floor price. He has also made various proposals. But the new commission and the government are adamant. Now they have taken a stand against the government and BSEC. “The Lali Gang Syndicate” has been formed. If not, how does the CEO of Citibank get such a big adventure ?? He publicly says “We can’t invest because of the floor price” !!

Recent market transactions are low. Many are afraid of it! The market was closed for 2 months. May 31 is his new birth. Let the baby walk. Will run later. The pressure to close the market and raise the floor price are both big plots of market looters.

But the government has understood the sentiments of ordinary investors. The floor will not rise suddenly. This is now understood by some institutes and big investors as well. They have started purchasing. The block is going to be bought at a lower price. In addition, buying from the public market will increase the buy pressure. As a result, it may not be possible to accumulate them to the desired level, so they are buying more from the block.

The probability aspect is -1. Now those who are buying in the block, if they want to sell, they have to create a demand for the share in the public market and then sell it. So the stock will go up from the floor, there will be buyers.

  1. The adults have started coming. Turnover in the public market is increasing. Slowly but surely the number of traded items and gainers is increasing. Buyers will come to all items.
  2. Merchant banks, institutes, brokerage houses cannot sit for long. Must be active.
  3. The new commission is very active. They are working hard to build a quality capital market.
  4. Item Basis game has started. Good items that are on or near the floor, but the volume is increasing, will be easier to make a profit if you can understand and buy them.

. ‘Corona’ infections and mortality are declining. The medicine has arrived, the vaccine will come. So shake off the frustration, give it time, be tactful.



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