Amena Bethi Ascends to Historic Role as Youngest Female Vice-Chairman


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Amena Bethi Ascends to Historic Role as Youngest Female Vice-Chairman

Nuruddin Jabed, Lakshmipur: In a landmark development, Amena Bethi has secured the esteemed position of Vice Chairman within the Ramganj Upazila Parishad of Lakshmipur during the second phase of the 6th Upazila Parishad election.
Amena’s academic journey culminated with her graduation and subsequent attainment of a master’s degree in Bangla from Eden Mohila College in 2017-18. Pledging her candidacy under the emblematic symbol of ‘Kalash,’ she emerged victorious as ‘the youngest female vice-chairman’ of the Upazila Parishad.
The electoral landscape encompassed a substantial voter base of 264,000 within Ramganj Upazila. Amena’s triumph was resolute, securing 28,092 votes, surpassing the cumulative count of the top three contenders.
Hailing from a politically inclined lineage, Amena is the daughter of Billal, the incumbent UP member representing Ward No. 4 of Bhadur Union No. 3 within the Upazila. She is the eldest among her siblings. Her spouse, Arman Sajib, adds to the familial legacy as a local entrepreneur and former student leader.
Reflecting on her electoral pursuit, Amena elucidated, “Drawing inspiration from my father’s tenure as a UP member and my enduring commitment to the ideals of Bangabandhu, coupled with my activism within college and university Chhatra League, alongside my husband’s prior involvement in student leadership, instilled in me a profound desire to contribute meaningfully to our community. With steadfast support from all quarters, my electoral victory has been realized. I am dedicated to addressing the multifaceted concerns of the youth, particularly advocating for women’s rights.”
Amena Bethi’s ascent to the vice-chairmanship heralds a new era of representation and advocacy within Ramganj Upazila, underscoring the potency of youthful leadership in effectuating societal change.



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