Sri Lanka secures affordable wind power with Adani Group in 20-year deal


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Sri Lanka secures affordable wind power with Adani Group in 20-year deal

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Sri Lanka signed a significant agreement with the Adani Group on Tuesday, locking in a 20-year deal to purchase electricity from a new wind power plant being built by the Indian conglomerate. This project promises to deliver clean energy at a competitive price for the island nation.

The $442-million wind farm, expected to be connected to the national grid within two years, will provide electricity at $0.0826 per kilowatt-hour. This translates to a roughly one-third reduction in cost compared to Sri Lanka’s current average energy price, according to Energy Minister Kanchana Wijesekera.

This renewable energy project builds on the existing relationship between Sri Lanka and the Adani Group. In 2021, Adani secured a $700-million contract to develop a strategic port terminal in Colombo, nominated for the project by the Indian government.

The news comes amidst Sri Lanka’s ongoing efforts to manage its foreign debt. China remains the country’s largest bilateral lender, holding 10% of its total external debt. Securing a debt restructuring agreement with China and other creditors is crucial for Sri Lanka to proceed with a $2.9 billion bailout package from the International Monetary Fund.

While the Adani Group deal strengthens ties with India, it’s worth noting that the company faced accusations of corporate fraud from a US short-seller last year. Though the allegations were denied by Adani and the company’s share prices have since recovered, it adds a layer of complexity to the Sri Lankan government’s strategic partnerships.



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