High Court questions absence of national committee to regulate tree felling


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High Court questions absence of national committee to regulate tree felling

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Bangladesh’s High Court issued a rule questioning the lack of a national committee to regulate tree felling across the country. This move comes amid growing concerns about environmental degradation and the impact of deforestation.

A writ petition filed by Human Rights and Peace for Bangladesh, a human rights organization, called for a nationwide halt to tree felling. The petition was heard on Tuesday by a bench of Justices Md Khasruzzaman and Justice KM Zahid Sarwar.  

Following the preliminary hearing, the High Court issued a rule asking the government to explain why a national committee should not be established to manage tree felling.  The  respondents, which could include relevant government ministries and departments, have two weeks to submit their responses.

Advocate Manzil Morshed represented the petitioners in court. The details of the petition, including specific arguments for a national committee, are not included in this report.  However, the petition likely highlights the environmental damage caused by deforestation and the need for a centralized body to establish regulations and oversee tree felling practices. 

The High Court’s intervention reflects growing public concern about environmental issues in Bangladesh.  Deforestation can lead to soil erosion, reduced biodiversity, and disruptions to ecosystems.  A national committee on tree felling could potentially offer a framework for sustainable forest management and environmental protection in Bangladesh.



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