Gold price was increased by Tk 5,625 in one leap. As a result, from Tuesday, good quality gold will be sold at Tk 74,042 a bhori instead of Tk 69,006.

The Jewelers’ Association announced the rise in gold prices in a press release issued on Monday night. It is said that the price of gold is at the highest position in the world market due to coronavirus. As a result, the price of gold has increased in the country’s bullion market. Considering the overall situation, the members of the executive committee of the association have rescheduled the price of gold and silver through teleconference.

As a result of the price hike, 22 carat gold will be sold at Tk 79,006, 21 carat gold at Tk 6,618, 18 carat gold at Tk 58,960 and traditional gold at Tk 46,748 per ounce (11.64 grams) from Tuesday. However, the price of silver will remain unchanged at Rs 933.

Till Monday, 22 carat gold was sold at Tk 74,042, 21 carat gold at Tk 61,719, 18 carat gold at Tk 57,604 and traditional gold at Tk 44,031. From Tuesday, the price of 22 carat gold has increased by 5,625 rupees, 21 carat gold by 4,899 rupees, 18 carat gold by 1,018 rupees and traditional gold by 3,618 rupees.

However, the price of gold in the country’s market has not increased so much in recent times. The filling is not reduced or increased by more than 1 thousand to one and a half thousand rupees. The last time gold prices were raised in the country’s market was on May 28. At that time the price of gold per ounce (31.10347 grams) in the world market was 1 thousand 619 US dollars. At 9.15pm on Monday night, it increased to ৭ 1,758. Due to the increase of ৮ 36 per ounce or Tk 3,798, the traders of the country have increased it by Rs 5,625 in one go.


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