Economy and everything will come to track after election: Salman


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Economy and everything will come to track after election: Salman

EU reps meet him on regional cooperation on renewable energy


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The European Union representatives in Dhaka on Sunday met the Prime Minister’s Private Sector and Investment Adviser, Salman F Rahman and they discussed renewable energy and hydrogen power initiatives and South Asia collaboration there.

In the meeting held at Salman’s office at

the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) building in the city, Ambassador Charles Whiteley, Head of EU Delegation in Bangladesh, put emphasis on issues like sustainable energy.

“We should address a wide range of topics, beyond the election, including matters like renewable energy, hydrogen power and more, aimed at development of Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Bhutan,” Whiteley told

journalists after the meeting.

Salman F. Rahman lauded the EU’s interest for working with countries like Bhutan, Nepal, India, and Bangladesh on renewable energy projects. He sought the EU to share knowledge and infrastructure for various renewable energy endeavors.

Regarding the current economic situation in Bangladesh, Salman said that everything would be stabilized after the election.

“There is nothing to be worried about forex reserve; still this is in a very comfortable position,” he claimed. “Many countries in the world had seen their reserves dwindled even within a week.”

Right now, our focus is on the national elections, and after the elections, the economic situation and forex reserve will improve,” he said.

Salman however underscored the importance of domestic revenue generation, modernizing the tax collection system, expanding the tax net, and diversifying exports as the key priorities for Bangladesh’s economic growth.



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