Common-man Market Analysis: Market to move further in the next week


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Common-man Market Analysis: Market to move further in the next week

For the last one and a half to two years, the frustration with the banking sector has not been reflected in the 2019 revenue. Out of 31 listed banks, EPS of 20 has increased as compared to last year and NAV of 23 has increased. Compared to the first quarter of last year, the income of 23 has increased in the first quarter of this year. However, the income of only 6 banks has increased in the second quarter of this year as compared to the second quarter of last year. Banks’ profits have declined compared to the same period last year, mainly due to the closure of almost all types of businesses due to the corona.

However, in the meantime, the income of 6 banks has increased in the second quarter as compared to the first quarter of this year. However, due to COVID 19, the relaxation of loan classification policy may have increased the income of some banks. The transaction volume is expected to increase due to the half-hour increase in transaction time from tomorrow. In that case, there is a strong possibility of further increase in bank transactions. Note that after being dry for many days, the transactions of 14 banks have increased significantly in the last week.

The long-awaited cement sector has moved a bit in the last week. Development work, which has come to a standstill due to Covid, is slowly starting to take off and the addition of last year’s development activities along with this year’s routine work will undoubtedly give a boost to the construction industry, which will have a positive effect on the cement sector. Prices and transactions of three companies have risen in the past week.

The price and volume of Fuwang Ceramics have been increasing as a result of the 30% effect. On the other hand, Beximco has affected SP Ceramic. Munnu Ceramics has been playing a role in increasing the market turnover as a day trading instrument for a long time. It is accustomed to show charisma in any trend market. RAK ceramics are not sitting still, transactions are increasing, prices have also increased slightly. Standard ceramic did not wake up.

Just last week, I hinted at turning the engineering sector around. About 80 percent of the company’s transactions have been dominant this week. Among the companies in this sector, the number of transactions of some companies is increasing and the volume of transactions is increasing. Those that have risen more in the last working day may have profit taking, while those that have fallen may have gained momentum through buy back. With the support of the market, a new dimension will be added to the transactions of this sector soon.

Although there was not much of a role in the total transaction or a sharp rise in prices, the final week was a highlight of the market’s potential for the finance sector. I came up with the idea last week about the technical uptrend possibility which has been fully published this week. The sector is expected to be stronger next week as prices and transactions rise as prices do not rise much.

Z and 30% are eating food cream. Added to that are Gayle, RD, Olympics. Beach prices are not rising, but transactions are increasing. The gap between the money flow and the relative strength of the food sector is widening due to the increase in the transaction of BetBC for 6-7 days at the floor price. The Olympics and BETBC can play a special role in filling this gap.

The amount of price increase is not as significant as the increase in transactions in the power sector, but has moved from the sideway to the uptrend. Last week, after talking a lot about insurance, I surrendered and said that it is now an unpredictable sector. This week I will just say think twice before making a new entry on the ones that have gone up a lot. And those who have entered with a higher price, if they have the ability, understand and average. I also said last week that if there is a correction, some selected scripts can keep the lights of the sector burning.

Some of the transactions have increased for two and a half weeks, but the price has not increased much. The rise of life on the day of the fall of the General indicates the possibility of breaking the chain of current rates of life. I wrote something earlier in a post about the rise and fall of insurance and its rise. For those who think the game of insurance has not started or those who think that the end of insurance can be a good guide. You can find out. I will add that today’s rise of Warren Buffett is in the hands of insurance.

The price of IT has risen this week, but the pace is slower with less transactions. The sector chart indicates some correction. Jute spin in the jute sector, even with a small transaction, the price of jade is rising. Although the price of nordan did not increase due to the recession of locomotives, transactions increased by 30%. Gold fiber prices and transactions are stuck in the same place. Will increase. Mutual fund prices will rise as the market is already buoyed by last week’s surge in transactions. In such a situation, the price of everything goes up. I said this last week.

I hope the paper sector will do well this week. The pharma sector is slowly advancing in its own style of raising prices and holding transactions. If one correction, the other is increasing. Such behavior is usually seen in the impact of long-term investment in any sector. The turnover of almost all the items in the textile sector is gradually increasing. Which has not increased in price, which has increased slightly.

The volume and price increase of Gutikay has come to the notice of the public. Peninsula, Unique and Air transactions in the travel sector have increased. Because everyone is looking at insurance transactions and there is a huge difference between insurance and other sector transactions and the prices and volumes of 359 items have not been checked together, many have overlooked the increasing volume of scripts over the last two and a half weeks. After buying at this price, these scripts are very unlikely to come under stop loss. And if there are no stops, these scripts will start growing again even if there is some correction. If the price goes up, it will come to the notice of more buyers or big buyers




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