Caring home greenery during vacation


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Caring home greenery during vacation

Every time Eid comes, many of them avoid the hustle and bustle of the city and take a long vacation with their families to go home or go on a trip. Although the context of the last two Eids was completely different due to the Corona epidemic. In addition, those who want to make the concrete city greener, more livable, have green roofs, verandas, balconies or indoor chil- dren that can’t afford to take long-term vacations with their families far away from home, even if they want to Time and time again they stumbled across the greenery they had built with their own hands. But with some simple methods, indoor and roof plants can be easily preserved for at least seven to ten days without special care and watering.
First of all, wood powder or coconut husk powder or cocodust can be given by filling the tub at the base of the tree to retain water for a long time. This is because wood powder and cocodust can hold water for a long time. From there the trees can also slowly absorb water as needed. As a result, before going on holiday, first take more cocodust or wood powder at the base of the tree and then take moderate water considering the number of days off. Then at least the tree will not die due to lack of water. In the case of roof garden trees, the water deficit can be filled by following this method. This method can also protect the tree from major damage by not allowing excess water to accumulate at the base of the tree in heavy rains.
When there are no people in the house on holiday, the doors and windows are usually closed so there is not enough light and air to enter the house. As a result, even the trees inside the house are lost or weakened due to lack of light and air. If the holiday season is long, the trees may die. So before going on vacation, the indoor plants can be left on the veranda or in a place where light and air reach. However, it is never advisable to leave indoor or shade trees on the roof or in the hot sun for a long time. It can be the opposite of hite. Sensitive to extreme sun heat or rain, these shade trees may die.
If the holiday is seven to ten days long, it is important to take some more steps for the roof garden and the trees inside the house. For example, before going on vacation, clean all the weeds growing at the base of the tree, light weeding at the base of the tree, pruning dry dead leaves or diseased leaves or twigs, in case of roof trees, spray water vigorously on the leaves and wash the leaves well Wipe well with a dry cloth or foam.
However, before going on vacation for a long time, many people mistakenly think of the plant and go for more fertilizer or vitamin which should not be done in any way. Because of the lack of fertilizers or vitamins, the plant never dies. Conversely, excessive application of fertilizers and vitamins increases the risk of plant death as well as long-term damage to the plant.
Again, many people decorate their verandah grill with plastic or earthen hanging tubs. When you go on holiday at this time, it is better to take those trees down from the grill and arrange them on the verandah floor. This is because of the possibility of strong winds at this time, so the tubs hanging in the strong wind can often overturn. This causes damage to the trees on the one hand and on the other hand there is a possibility of spreading dirt and making the verandah and the house dirty. As a result, if you take care of the trees before going on vacation, you will not be upset when you return home at the end of the holiday.



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