BGMEA will reopen closed factories if workers join work peacefully


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BGMEA will reopen closed factories if workers join work peacefully

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Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) assured that the member factories will keep their factory units shut until the end of the ongoing labor demonstration to avoid any vandalism and arson attacks.

The president of the BGMEA, Faruque Hassan, said, “The closed factories would be reopened if the workers of their respective factories joined the production procedures peacefully by shunning the ongoing unrest.

As of today, 130 factories have been shut down due to the ongoing unrest in the sector, which has started since October 23.

He spoke at a press meet organized by the BGMEA regarding the current unrest over wage increase demand on Sunday.

The BGMEA President also said that the manufacturers will shut their factories under Section 13(1) of the Labour Act if they face any kind of unrest and vandalism, which means no work and no pay.

He urged the government to identify those who are conspiring over the RMG industry and thus take action accordingly, along with providing adequate security to run the factories.

Faruque said, “We’ve noticed that despite the increase in wages, various factories are being vandalized in the name of movement. Following the announcement of fresh wages, some unidentified people unleashed destruction. inside several units.”

The BGMEA president said that it is very unhappy that the country’s RMG industry is struggling to survive under the two-way pressure of ‘global and financial’, and that various subversive activities are going on surrounding the RMG.

“Peaceful laborers are being provoked and agitated by some groups. If this industry loses its existence for any reason, then the large workforce will be cut off, which is not at all desirable. It is important to remember that if this huge labor force becomes unemployed, then it would be very

tough to ensure employment for them as no such sector has yet to emerge in the country as an alternative to the RMG sector,” Faruque added.

The BGMEA president mentioned that every entrepreneur has the constitutional right to protect his or her industry and wealth from outsiders.

The wage board recently announced a minimum wage of Taka 12,500 for garment workers. But the garment workers have continued their movement, demanding an increase to 25,000 Tk in wages.



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