Bangladeshi eng. got startup fund $85 million for grammator robotics at US


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Bangladeshi eng. got startup fund $85 million for grammator robotics at US

Los Angeles-based startup Grammator Robotics, which is involved in the invention and construction of robots and robotic systems that help people, has received an investment of US$ ৪ 4.1 million. If the exchange rate is calculated at 75 rupees per dollar, then the amount in Bangladeshi currency is about Tk 35 crore.
Aryan Kabir, co-founder of e-startup, graduated from Bangladesh University of Engineering with a degree in Electrical Engineering. The startup was founded in January last year by Indian engineer Bruel Shah and Professor SK Gupta after receiving his PhD from the University of Southern California.
Aryan Kabir told last Friday that their company will try to reach more customers by increasing the number of employees with the help of new investments as well as developing suitable services or products for the next generation. Aryan Kabir said that their startup Grammatar has invented several algorithms of artificial intelligence, which together can make the industrial-robot very easy to configure.
They are marketing this software by packaging it with the most popular robots, sensors and various tools in the market. Their goal is to save people from tedious and dangerous work in the production process. But they need humans to operate their robots. The robots work in areas where surface finishing is done. These can be ‘intelligent’ and ‘adapt’ to places similar to the production line, where they have not been used before. Increasing the capacity of Grammatar producers helps in creating digital surveillance systems to improve the quality of production process as well as round-the-clock control.
In response to e-mail, Aryan Kabir added that it is very sad that millions of people are still involved in tedious and health hazardous work. But the younger generation no longer wants to do such things. Aryan and his team want to work to improve the quality of life of production workers, increase efficiency, and engage in greater value addition.
Aryan’s idea is that if ‘surface finishing and treatment’ is not automated due to the disinterest of young people, then the world mechanical production system could collapse. Surface finishing and treatment activities include rubbing, smoothing and spraying the surface with gelatin paper. About 1.5 million people in various factories in America alone are involved in this tedious work. Most of the time these tasks have to be done by hand.
Gramator’s robot is being used in an organization called Performance Composite. According to Francis Hur, head of the company, at a time when it has become difficult to find staff for this surface cleaning, Gramator’s ‘Scan and Sand’ is a blessing. According to Debarati Sen, head of the 3M Abrasive Systems Division, interest among manufacturers in workers’ safety, quality retention and cost reduction has multiplied.
‘In Grammar we are building robots that help people. We’re combining the AI-brain that we have with sensors, tools, robots. ‘ Grammator’s business model is Robot Age A Service (RaaS). That means customers can rent their robots on a monthly basis. Currently this RAAS method is becoming popular.



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