The Dhaka Board of Education has allowed Notre Dame College, Holy Cross College, St. Joseph’s High School and St. Gregory’s High School and College in the capital, run by the Catholic Church (Christian Missionary), to admit students in Class XI in its own process.

A letter has been issued on Tuesday (July 27) instructing the board to inform the board by August 30 after completing the admission by taking virtual written and oral exams in the 2020-21 academic year between August 9 and August 24.

Dhaka Board of Education College Professor. Md. The letter signed by Harun-ur-Rashid said that the admission fee of students through Sonali service should be sent in the form of table by depositing Rs 350 per student (application fee Rs 50, initial board confirmation fee Rs 200 and data entry fee Rs 100).

Although it is late due to corona virus, online admission process is starting in colleges across the country from August 9.

After the permission of the Ministry of Education for admission in these four institutions run by the Catholic Church, the Dhaka Board of Education on June 2 directed to complete the admission process by June 20. However, one day after the permission, the admission process was suspended on June 3.

At that time, the chairman of the Dhaka Board of Education. Ziaul Haque said the admission process has been postponed due to the corona virus. If the situation is normal, they will be able to get admission in their own process.

The results of SSC and equivalent examinations have been published on May 31. Based on the results, colleges across the country have admitted students in class XI online, but these four institutions have been admitting students through their own admission test.

These four colleges are always at the top of students’ interest for admission.


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