You didn’t want to, didn’t even turn on. However, the welcome tune was introduced on the mobile phone. The money of the mobile phone balance was deducted.

Apart from welcoming tunes to the customers of the four mobile phone operators of the country, various organizations also provide news alerts, religious alerts, songs, videos, mobile phone games etc. These are called telecommunication value added services. Consumers of the country have been complaining about this for a long time.

The BTRC has directed to stop the telecommunication value added service e (TVS) provided to the customers of two mobile operators Robi Axiata and Banglalink. The commission issued a letter to the two operators on Tuesday. According to BTRC sources, the services of four TV service providers have also been shut down.

Earlier, BTRC recently reviewed the activities of two companies named Purple Digit Communication Limited and Avi Kathachitra Limited for six months. Of these, Purple Digit Communication has 7,060 subscribers.

Purple Digits Limited earned Rs 3 million in April this year through a service called Ikra. Of these, BTRC’s System and Services Department officials called 100 customers on a random basis. Forty-six customers said they had not received any consent before the launch of the TVS service. Only 16 people said the service was launched with their consent. Another 28 did not pick up the phone and 11 people’s mobile phones were found switched off.

However, some of the customers are still complaining of deducting money unknowingly. Ayub Ali, a farmer from Kalaroa upazila in Satkhira, said money was often deducted from his mobile phone. Before cutting the money, text message is given on the mobile phone. But he does not understand why the money was deducted or the meaning of these text messages


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