How much the proposed budget efficient to face corona borne challenges


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How much the proposed budget efficient to face corona borne challenges

Vaccination: The government has announced a budget of Tk 8 lakh 361 crore for the fiscal 2021-22. The biggest challenge in the Corona budget is to get more and more people vaccinated against the Corona virus. Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has so far finalized agreements with China, Russia, Covax and the United States to vaccinate nearly 1.5 crore people by 2021. But to protect people from the corona virus, two-thirds of people need to be vaccinated in the next one year. But in this largest budget in history, there is no roadmap for plans to bring most people under vaccination.
Health sector: Since the outbreak of corona, the health system of the whole world including Bangladesh has collapsed. Bangladesh is no exception but stay away from fighting the virus like Covid. The health system of Bangladesh has collapsed due to the Koron virus. There is no guarantee that people can do get ordinary medical service. Most hospitals do not have corona virus services. The budget does not provide a complete picture of how the health sector can be restructured.
Incentives: In developed countries, it has been seen that people who have been laid off for a whole year and a half have been given cash incentives at the rate of ০০ 2,500 to প্রতি 3,000 per person per month. The poor people in our country who are listed in the government’s Safe Net list are getting food and cash assistance from the government. But almost half a crore people in the city, who run a family of 5/6 people with only one job, are now struggling to survive. This class of middle class people has ego. They can’t even reach out to people because of Igor. There was a need in the budget to give monthly cash incentives to this category of people.
Employment: Creating employment is the biggest challenge in a populous country like Bangladesh. Bangladesh is in a tidal wave of infrastructure development. In this situation, if the procession of millions of new graduates is not used properly, the law and order situation in the country may break down. Therefore, we have to continue our efforts to create employment.
Immigration: One of the major challenges in Corona’s situation is to create job opportunities for Bangladeshis abroad. A large portion of Bangladesh’s foreign exchange earnings come from remittances. In order to continue the trend of remittance income, the government needs to create new opportunities for Bangladeshi workers to find new jobs and send people to those countries.
Corruption: Corruption in the public sector is still a big challenge. But the new budget proposes to increase operating expenses. This will further increase the benefits including salaries and allowances of government employees. This will further increase corruption and class inequality in the society. The budget did not pay any attention to the new poor. Increasing its allocation without increasing the capacity of the Ministry of Health in the budget will further increase corruption in this sector.



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