Top Five Most Popular Bangladeshi foods you can try


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Top Five Most Popular Bangladeshi foods you can try

Panta Ilish

Panta Ilish is the top most popular food in Bangladesh. Despite people eat the food at festival it is ranked as number one popular food due to its demand from people. The traditional food also symbolic with Bangalee culture and heritage it is now a days become very expensive for those middle class who usually want to tase frequently. It also a symbolic festibal food commonly eats at the Pohela Boishakh Festival (the first day of Bangla year).  It is commonly a platter of leftover rice soaked in water and served with hilsa fried, chatney, and daal.  The crispy and delicious flavorful hilsa fish served with water-soaked cold rice and spicy bharta presents a combination of salty and chili tastes.


Kacchi Biryani

Kacchi Biryani is the top most loved foods in Bangladesh usually people eat at festivals and special occassions such as weddings or picnics. This food is told that inherited from Mughal emperors cuisine. But now the food is eaten by both rich, middle class and poor people axcross the country. People wants to entertain their invited guest by the item as the guest feel honoured if they were entertained with Kacchi. The main contents are rice and mutton meat cooked in lots of spices, giving it its special taste. The spices among are nutmeg, mace, pepper, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaves, coriander, mint, ginger, onion, tomatoes, green chilies, and garlic. It is sometimes served with a boiled egg and salad.


Vhuna Khichuri

Vhuna Khichuri is loved by all ages and classes people of Bangladesh. Vuna Khichuri (roasted) is cooked with different ingredients and spices from normal Khichuri. The item is distributed among the guests with roasted meat and pickle. Khichuri is one of the tastiest and best loved foods in Bangladesh. Seasoned with a dash of turmeric and salt and topped with ghee, Khuchuri makes an ideal lunch or dinner. This item is comforting food for rainy days, and very popular at family get together.


Morog Polao

Morog Polao is a rice dish which involves cooking a stock, and adding spices. This delicious, mouth-watering food called Morog Polao or Chicken Polao mainly served with rice along with chicken. Polao and biryani are smelled differently although cooked with the same rice. The taste are completely different because of the different variety of spices used. The food also symbolic with royalty, and is often eaten at celebrations and other special occasions.


Grilled Chicken

The last but not least the grilled chicken. Once upon a time the food was very expensive and only rich people can take the taste but now days it become popular among commoner as the chicken has been available within affordable cost. Almost every hotel and restaurants in Dhaka and others parts of the country serves this dish. The ways of making may be different but Now, it is mostly eaten with Naan Roti. The bread is a little sweet while the chicken is spicy. This combination creates a fabulous wild taste in your mouth.




Md Jasim Uddin Khan
Md Jasim Uddin Khan
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