Bangladeshi passport go two steps down further


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Bangladeshi passport go two steps down further

The passport evaluation index of different countries of the world is coming down every year. In 2020, Bangladesh’s position has come down. The standard of Bangladeshi passport is two steps behind in international passport. In 2019, the value of passport in Bangladesh was 99th. The US-based company The Hanley & Partners has published the ranking.

Statistics show that in 2006 it was 7th. The following year it went down two more steps. Thus, the number of passports in Bangladesh is decreasing every year. Last year, Bangladesh’s passport ranking was 99th in the world. This time it went down two more steps and became the 101st. Bangladesh is jointly ranked 101st with Iran in the Global Index.

Japan is at the top of the global rankings. Singapore is in the second position. South Korea and Germany are joint third. Italy, Finland and Luxembourg are joint fourth. Denmark and Austria are joint fifth. Sweden, France, Portugal and the Netherlands are joint sixth.

Malaysia is 14th, Israel is 24th, Turkey is 55th, Kuwait is 57th, Maldives is 72nd, Bahrain is 64th, Oman is 65th, Saudi Arabia is 8th, Morocco is 69th, India and Tajikistan are 65th. The Hanley & Partners has been publishing this index every year by conducting research on visa-free movement in the world. The list was published on July 8.

The index has been compiled in collaboration with the International Airlines (IATA) Travel Database. Afghanistan is the world’s least expensive passport holder (109th) in the index. Besides, Iraq is ranked 107th, Syria 108th and Pakistan 108th.



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