The rise and fall of the stock market is a big surprise.


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The rise and fall of the stock market is a big surprise.

Today, the second working day of the week, on Monday, the big surprise of ups and downs was seen in the stock market. At the beginning of the day’s trading, the main stock market Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) showed a slightly negative trend. However, the previous day ended on a positive trend on Sunday.

After 06 minutes of trading today, the market suddenly took a negative turn. However, after a while, the negative trend is overcome and it returns to the positive trend. After 26 minutes of trading, the DSE index rose by 26 points.

Investors are under pressure to take profits at this time in the market. As a result, cell pressure increases. Markets tend to decline rapidly in consecutive cell pressures. At 12:20 PM, the DSE index went down to minus 38 points. At this time there is some apprehension among investors.

However, as the buying pressure of big investors increases, the minus of the index keeps decreasing. At some point, the market turned to the upside again. Thus the normal trend of ups and downs continued. In the end, the market ended the day trading with little positives.

Market people say that there are two reasons for the big ups and downs in the market today. First, those who bought the shares three-four days ago, were in profit on many shares today. Markets are under some pressure today due to the profit-taking trend.

Second, large investors are occasionally creating bearish fears to pick up shares, causing the market to suddenly take a big bearish turn. Again with their buy pressure, the normal rhythm is returning to the market again.

Market people say that the market will move forward with ups and downs. That is why investors should trade with caution.

Monday Market Review

Today, Monday (08 July), the main index of DSE DSEX increased by 5.68 points to 5 thousand 564 points. Among the other two indices, the DSE Shariah index increased by 0.31 points to 1,215 points and the DSE-30 index decreased by 4.59 points to 1,959 points.

Shares and units worth Tk 888 crore 57 lakh were traded in DSE today. 908 crore 77 lakh taka were traded on the previous day.

Shares and units of 394 companies were traded on DSE today. Among them, 164 rates increased, 197 decreased and 33 remained unchanged.

Another share market, the Chittagong Stock Exchange (CAE), traded shares and units worth Tk 19.47 million today. Shares and units worth Tk 179 crore 62 lakh were traded on the previous day.

On this day, 278 institutions participated in the transaction in CSE. Out of which the price increased for 144, decreased for 110, and remained unchanged for 24 companies.

Earlier in the day, 275 institutions participated in the transaction on CSE. Among them, the prices


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