Tea production stopped, Pruning of tea trees in Srimangal tea plantations


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Tea production stopped, Pruning of tea trees in Srimangal tea plantations

Srimangal correspondent: Tea plantations of tea industry area of Srimangal have started pruning of tea trees. As a result tea production is stopped. Essentially: Tea plants are pruned to keep them long and fresh. Modern methods of pruning are used to increase tea production capacity in tea gardens. Pruning is done in every garden keeping in mind various aspects including the age of the tree, soil fertility. Then the root of the tea plant is cleared of weeds and fertilizers are applied. Later, during the rainy season, the tree gets fresh and full of young leaves after receiving rainwater. As a rule, leaf picking begins in March or April when the leaves are eight inches long.

On Friday, the various tea plantations of the district were visited on the surface. As a result, the green ceremony in the tea garden is no longer there. During this time, the heads of the tea plants were cut and pruned throughout the section of the garden. Due to natural reasons the production process of tea garden is stopped in January-February.

In this regard, tea-planter Golam Mohammad Shibli said, in the language of tea gardens, pruning is another meaning of grafting. This type of pruning is called breeder. The method is that trees that are pruned 24 inches from the ground have an extra branch placed on them. About its benefits, he said, another meaning of breather is breathing. That is, as a result of these pulses, the tea plants can receive their necessary nutrients from sunlight through photosynthesis.

Those concerned with the tea garden said that in the next 2-3 months, the heads of the tea garden trees will be cut across the section. If it rains after a few months, the vibrancy will return again. You will see the endless green ceremony. Selim Reza Chowdhury, Deputy General Manager of Jerin Tea Garden, said that every year, light pruning or cutting of tea tree heads starts at the end of the tea production season in December and ‘deep skip’ has to be done by mid-January. Then the green ceremony of the tea garden is no longer there.

Pruning has started in various gardens from the third week of last November. Some gardens will start again in January and will continue for two or three months. And pruning tea tree means giving new life. Pruning is done to increase the production capacity of tea, he said. The officials also said that the pruning work will continue in 91 tea gardens in the tea industry area of the district during the months of January and February.

According to the sources of Bangladesh Tea Board, against the target of production of 102 million kg of tea in the current season, the production of tea exceeded 95 million kg in 11 months till November. This shows that the current season’s tea production target exceeded the expectations and will be regarded as a new record of tea production in the country.



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