Salt farmer in triumph for bumper production, feared fare price 


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Salt farmer in triumph for bumper production, feared fare price 

Cox’s Bazar Correspondent:  Traditional Salt farmers in Cox’s Bazar areas are in joyous as this years they are hopeful about bumper production. About 40,000 farmers have engaged in salt cultivation on a total of 69,415 acres of land, including Cox’s Bazar and Chittagong’s Banshkhali, the country’s largest salt production zone. Salt field maintenance has already started and the farmers have started yielding good production due favourable weather.

According to sources, salt produced in Cox’s Bazar meets one third of the country’s salt demand. Last year, the farmers were able to produce salt near to lakhs despite facing various adverse conditions in these areas. Disasters and inclement weather were especially frequent last year. But this time due to the low price of salt, there is frustration among the farmers. Salt production started from January and will continue till May 2018. There are two types of salt production in these areas. One is the traditional black salt, the other is the polythene white salt. Polythene system farming is increasing day by day as the farmers benefit from polythene system. Currently, the price of black salt at the field level is about 140 to 150 taka per maund, white salt is being sold at the price of 380 to 400 taka. Saifuddin, vice president of Gomatli Cooperative Agriculture and Mohaj Colonization Association, has complained that if this price continues, the farmers will be upset. He said that there is doubt whether the produced salt will meet the country’s demand this year. Because Gomatli embankment of Sadar’s Pokkhali Union has not been repaired yet. Thousands of acres of salt fields are flowing in Gomatli, a huge salt production zone. Farmers are skeptical about producing salt in this land this year.

Those concerned with Cox’s Bazar B.S.C. said that the production will increase if the farmers can focus on the polythene system in the upazila areas of the 8 upazilas of the district. Not only this, before the start of the current season, there has been extreme dissatisfaction among the farmers as the price of salt at the field level is not satisfactory.

Salt farmers said that currently the price of salt at the field level is low. If the salt farmers can be encouraged to cultivate salt using polythene system, the rate of salt production will increase in the current season. By doing so, the demand of salt in the country can be fulfilled and exported abroad.

Islampur salt mill owners said that a profit-making circle of the country syndicates every year to import salt from abroad. Which has a serious impact on the country’s salt industry. If salt is imported under various pretexts then the farmers will be deprived of getting the fair price of salt.

The demand of the salt farmers is to immediately set up a permanent salt board in Cox’s Bazar to determine the price of salt at the field level, provide interest-free loans to the marginal salt farmers on easy terms and protect the domestic salt industry by stopping the salt import permit from abroad. Marginal salt farmers have demanded to the relevant ministries of the government to ensure the fair price of salt by making arrangements for official purchase of salt at the field level immediately to save the country’s economy and salt industry from destruction.



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