Post-Eid Price Surge Hits Khulna Markets Hard


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Post-Eid Price Surge Hits Khulna Markets Hard

In the week following Eid-ul-Azha, the prices of essential items including vegetables, fish, and meat have soared in Khulna’s kitchen markets, putting a strain on low and middle-income families.

Shoppers in Khulna report that their meticulously planned budgets are now ineffective, while market authorities and the district administration appear unable to curb the price hikes.

During visits to several markets, including Natunbazar, Doulatpur Bazar, Gallamari Bazar, Sheikpara Bazar, and Mistripara Bazar, our correspondent observed significant price increases and a notable lack of customers.

Rahman Sheikh, a trader at Doulatpur Bazar, attributed the surge to recent rains. “Green chillies, which sold for Tk 200 per kg before Eid, are now Tk 300 per kg, a Tk 100 increase,” he said. Other vegetables have also seen price hikes: eggplants are now Tk 100-120 per kg, pointed gourds Tk 70 per kg, potatoes Tk 70 per kg, onions Tk 100 per kg, garlic Tk 240-300 per kg, okra Tk 60 per kg, bitter gourds Tk 80 per kg, ginger Tk 300 per kg, and spinach Tk 30 per kg.

Meat prices have also climbed sharply. Matlub Miah, a meat trader in Farazipara, reported that beef is now selling at Tk 800 per kg and mutton at Tk 1,100 per kg. Poultry prices are similarly inflated: broiler chicken costs Tk 200-210 per kg, Sonali chicken Tk 320 per kg, local chicken Tk 550 per kg, Pekin duck Tk 380 per kg, and Muscovy duck Tk 550 per kg.

Farzana, a shopper at Gallamari Bazar, expressed her distress. “I work at a private firm. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to manage household expenses with my salary,” she said. Small prawns are now Tk 800 per kg, small rui fish Tk 400 per kg, and hilsa between Tk 1,500 to 2,800 per kg, depending on the variety.

Basic staples have not been spared from the price surge. The prices of all types of rice and flour have increased by Tk 2-3 per kg, and four eggs now cost Tk 60.

Consumer Abdullah Abu Naser expressed his frustration, saying he wandered the market without being able to afford anything. “There are no measures in place to control the market prices,” he alleged.

Yasir Monon
Yasir Monon
Online Editor, Business Mirror


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