Online buying order have increased many fold after diagnosis of Corona virus cases in Bangladesh. City buyers are choosing digital platform instead procure physically from stores.

“Previously we had received around 40,000 orders a day which is now reached almost by 70,000 a day” said Muhammad Abdul Wahed Tomal, general secretary of e-Cab the e-Commerce association of Bangladesh (e-CAB).

He said the existing service providing companies has much more capacity than the demand.

Bangladeshi top online shop platforms Dharaz, Ajkerdeal, Pickabo, Caldal, Clickbd, Baghdoom ,, and Jadroo are getting top orders in Dhaka as well other cities.

But buyers are not finding popular global e-commerce sites like amazone, walmart, ebay and  flipcart in Bangladesh.

A government policy not to enter global companies with hundred percent investment by themselves actually hinders the top global platforms like amazon or e-bay.

He said the online platforms are taking about 3 percent delivery and service charges on an average which is lower than that the global cost.

The size of the local e-commerce market size is about Tk 1,200 crore and about 120 ventures account for Tk 800 crore in annual sales. Currently, the market is catering 40,000 orders a day and it is more than doubling every year.

“The market has been growing at more than 100 percent every year and has enormous opportunity to grow further,” said Tomal.

Asikul Alam Khan, founder and CEO of PriyoShop, said new the emerging demand of the platforms would hep expand the market.


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