Resumption of Onion Imports through Dinajpur Hilli Land Port


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Resumption of Onion Imports through Dinajpur Hilli Land Port

After a 20-day hiatus, onion imports from India have resumed through the Dinajpur Hilli Land Port. As local onion prices surged in the market, traders have once again initiated import activities.

The Importers and Exporters Association for Onion chairman at the Hilli Land Port, Harunur Rashid Harun, confirmed this development. He stated that due to the country’s demand for onions, an importer had initially brought in 30 metric tons of onions on May 14. In response to this news, business owners have temporarily stored their existing stock of onions, anticipating increased demand during the upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr holiday. Consequently, following the directive from the Ministry of Commerce, onion importers have once again decided to source onions from India.

Last night at 8:00 PM, a truck carrying 33 metric tons of Indian onions entered the Hilli Land Port, marking the resumption of import activities. The Satata Banijyalaya, an importing entity, facilitated this shipment.

Mahabub Hossen, the agent representative of the Importers and Exporters Association, explained, “With the sudden increase in domestic onion prices to approximately Tk 80 per kilogram, Indian onion imports have become necessary to stabilize the market. Concerns among consumers led to a 20-day halt in onion imports. However, if Indian onion prices remain competitive, we expect further increases in imports before Eid.”

It is worth noting that the Indian government had previously imposed a ban on onion exports due to internal market challenges. This ban was lifted on May 4, accompanied by an additional 40% duty imposed by Bangladesh. Since then, an importer at the Hilli Land Port had imported onions, but the activity was subsequently suspended. The import cost per metric ton of onions stands at approximately $550, with an additional duty of around Tk 2 per kilogram.

Therefore, importers will need to sell onions at a rate of Tk 58 to Tk 60 per kilogram to cover costs. In the local retail market, selling onions at Tk 65 per kilogram would help maintain market stability. If this trend continues, importers can keep Indian onion supplies uninterrupted.

Yasir Monon
Yasir Monon
Online Editor, Business Mirror


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