Country’s second sea port Mongla became more busy with receiving a container ship of 8 metre draught. The cargo transportation has increased manifold after the Padma Bridge has been launched.

“It is significant. The port has not handle such large ship before,” Syed Zahid Hossian, a shipping agent said.

The ship namely MV Tokyo carrying with 289 containers, good weighing 7,242 metric tones, sources said..

Mongla Port — once a sleepy seaport  has turned into a busy hub of export and import business over the past 13 years thanks to a number of development projects undertaken by the Government, Badrudding Ahmed, an engineer working at the port said.

He said the Mongla Port will see much more traffic due to luncheon of Padma Bridge, Badruddin said.

“All ships that anchored earlier did not have a draught of more than 7 metres. MV Tokyo is the first ship of its size to anchor at Mongla Port,” meanwhile, reportedly, claimed Syed Zahid Hossain, the local shipping agent of MCC Tokyo, the 186-metre long ship that arrived from China’s Shanghai, while underlining the same has been made possible due to dredging.

The docking of the ship was a part of the trial run, further added reports while underlining MV Tokyo will leave the port after reloading goods.


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