A mobile court of RAB’s on Sunday (October 11) imposed fine worth Tk 1.0 crore to ACI’s due to uses harmful chemical in producing hand sanitizer of the company. The court also ordered to withdraw the spurious hand sanitizer from all of its depot.

RAB Executive Magistrate Sarwar Alam led the operation at the ACI’s depot in the capital’s Mirpur from 4pm to 8pm and imposed the fine.

At the end of the raid, Magistrate Sarwar Alam said earlier the factory was sealed after a spurious hand sanitizer was found in the raid at ACI’s Gazipur factory recently and imposed penalty Tk. 16 lakh.

“Despite our repeated warning to the company management to refrain from such deception, they did not follow instructions,” Sarwar Alam told.

Upon receiving secret information the raid was conducted the a huge quantity of spurious hand sanitizers were found. The company has also been instructed to withdraw and destroy the hand sanitizers supplied to the market within the next 48 hours.

He added that the hand sanitizer is made by mixing a certain amount of various ingredients including hydrogen peroxide, glycerin and cold boiling water or isopropyl alcohol (propanol) with the chemical substance ethanol. But if someone mixes more or less of a certain ingredient outside of a certain amount, that hand sanitizer can increase health risks without disinfecting. And if one uses methanol instead of ethanol, its use can go from headache, vomiting, blindness, loss of consciousness to coma.


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