Increasing suicides in country need to be studied seriously


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Increasing suicides in country need to be studied seriously

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Suicides, trend and patterns of suicides in Bangladesh should be seriously studied and monitored as rates of increase in suicides have been observed there in recent years, said physiologists, mental health activists.

At a press conference in the city on Saturday they informed that suicide has become a critical problem in Bangladesh like all over the world. Though there is no accurate statistics of suicide deaths in the country, some researches claim that, on an average, 32 people commits suicide every day in the country.

Just in 2011, Bangladesh was the 38th in the world in average suicide rate but the country jumped to the 10th place only in 2014, they informed.

On the occasion of World Suicide Prevention Day, Dhaka Ahsania Mission presented such facts at a press conference, bannered ‘Suicide Prevention Awareness, Drug Dependent Persons and High Risk of Suicide’. The World Suicide Prevention Day is celebrated in Bangladesh on September 10 like all over the world. This year’s theme of the day is ‘Create hope through action’.

Ferdous Majumdar, Councilor of Dhaka Ahchania Mission Women’s Drug Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Center, said, women are more vulnerable to suicide while drug abusers are at high risk of suicidal tendencies.

She pointed out that 90 percent of suicidal people have at least one mental illness, the most common of which is depression. Mental diseases and mental instability are major causes of suicide, she said.

Dr. Rahenul Islam, psychiatrist of the central drug addiction treatment center said, empathy is very important to prevent suicides. “As much as we simplistically highlight a person’s self-interest in committing suicide, we rarely consider the circumstances, influences and other factors,” he pointed out.

Rakhi Ganguly, Senior Psychologist of the Dhaka Ahsania Mission said that suicide is one of the 10 causes of death globally. “Hopes should be spread to prevent suicides,” she added.

Iqbal Masud, director of Dhaka Ahchania Mission Health Sector, also spoke to the press conference



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