Implement zero-tolerance against corruption : Land Minister


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Implement zero-tolerance against corruption : Land Minister

Land Minister addresses land tax procedures and ownership transfer in post-session briefing

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Land Minister Narayon Chandra Chanda instructs deputy commissioners to adopt a zero-tolerance approach to corruption in their areas. Emphasizing the government’s anti-corruption stance, he urges public servants to uphold honesty and transparency, fostering a culture of accountability.

Speaking at the DC Conference 2024 as the chief guest, Land Minister Narayon Chandra Chanda emphasizes anti-corruption measures. The address, held in the Osmani Memorial Auditorium on Wednesday, underscores the commitment to transparency in the Land Ministry’s operations.

Land Minister Narayon Chandra Chanda informed deputy commissioners about the final stages of drafting rules for the Land Crime Prevention and Redress Act, emphasizing swift remedies for victims upon rule issuance. He urged deputy commissioners to set an example in implementing these crucial measures. 

Meanwhile, the land secretary updated commissioners on ongoing efforts to draft rules for three new land-related laws, recruitment processes for vacant positions, and the decision to appoint night guards in Union Land Offices.

The minister underscored the prime minister’s commitment to food security, urging protection of croplands and emphasizing the responsible use of triple-cropping croplands.

During the session, Deputy Commissioners discussed crucial land management issues, including mutation, Haat and Bazar, land office construction, water bodies, court of wards, human resource, training, digitalization, and innovation. 

Notably, the Deputy Commissioner, serving as the district-level Collector, is the designated officer for all services except land registration and survey.

In a post-session press briefing, the minister clarified that privately-owned portions within plots listed in the Record of Rights will undergo mutation, with regular land development tax collection. Circulars have been issued by the Ministry of Land addressing this and the transfer of ownership for canceled ‘Kha’ schedule properties.

The Minister highlighted procedures for land development tax payments among multiple heirs, stressing the importance of mutation through ‘Jomavag.’ He underscored potential complications without mutation and advocated for nationwide registration-mutation interconnection to alleviate land-related issues.

Cabinet Secretary Mahbub Hossain chaired the session. Land Secretary Khalilur Rahman, Land Appeal Board Chairman AKM Shamimul Haque, Land Reform Board Chairman Abdus Sabur Mondol, Director General of Land Record and Survey Department Anis Mahmud, and senior officials of the Cabinet Division, Ministry of Land, and its departments and Divisional Commissioners were present at the session.


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