IFIC Bank Remittance Roadshow Triumphs in New York


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IFIC Bank Remittance Roadshow Triumphs in New York

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The “IFIC Bank Remittance Road Show” was organized in different areas of New York, United States, to increase the flow of remittances to Bangladesh through legitimate banking channels. The four-day roadshow was held from September 24 to September 28 in Queens, Jamaica, the Bronx, and Brooklyn in New York City.

The roadshow was organized to promote fast, easy, and secure remittance exchange through IFIC, the country’s largest bank with the highest number of branches and sub-branches. At each show, various steps taken by IFIC Bank to increase remittance flow were highlighted before the invited US diaspora and non-resident Bangladeshis.

Members of the bank’s Board of Directors, A. R. M. Nazmus Sakib, Quamrun Naher Ahmed, Md. Golam Mostofa, Sudhangshu Shekhar Biswas, and Managing Director and Chief Executive of the Bank Shah Alam Sarwar participated in the program, along with non-resident Bangladeshis residing in New York. This arrangement of the road show became alive with the spontaneous participation of expatriate Bangladeshis.

Shah Alam Sarwar, the Managing Director and Chief Executive of IFIC Bank, conveyed that the bank, well-known for its expansive branch network, has significantly enhanced accessibility to its services for the public. This development allows expatriates to send remittances to their loved ones efficiently and securely through both traditional banking channels and mobile financial services (MFS).

Furthermore, the road show not only addressed expatriate inquiries but also placed a distinct focus on bolstering the flow of expatriate income to Bangladesh while promoting the utilization of legitimate remittance channels.

Meanwhile, the New York State Assembly praised IFIC Bank as the main sponsor of the ‘Bangladeshi Migrant Day and Trade Fair 2023’ held in Manhattan, New York, on September 22 and 23 in recognition of its unique support for Bangladeshi expatriates living in New York.



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