Five simple formulas which help skip to be an ass from gambling market


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Five simple formulas which help skip to be an ass from gambling market

In the current state of the market, many people have started dreaming. That should be shown. The opportunity to fulfill your dream may come inshaAllah. But you can use it?

Do you remember what you did wrong in 2010? Only by remembering that mistake can the dream be fulfilled.

  1. It would not be right to go near the loan.
  2. Money management has to be right. Once the money invested has doubled, at least the money invested must be withdrawn, no matter how greedy the market may be. If you raise capital and trade for profit, even if the market collapses, there will be no loss.
  3. You made 10 lakhs to 20 lakhs. 20 to 40. This time he thought that by selling his wife’s jewelry, he could sell the land and add another 4 million. Then I will make that 70 lakh 1 crore 70 lakh. If you think like this, then remember, the destruction of your life will start there …
  4. You need to know how to control yourself. Not all money can be invested in one share. No matter how big the news is. Never more than 50% in one share.
  5. When you see a rickshaw puller in the area, with a CNG on the road, the liftman of any office will tell you that he has bought or wants to buy shares. Assume it’s time to collapse. 90% of the invested money has to be e-cashed on that day.

I hope the dream can be fulfilled by keeping these few formulas in mind.



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