The dream came true. The Padma Bridge caught my eye in broad daylight. The latest steel structure (span) of the much-desired bridge was inaugurated on Thursday. As a result, the two banks of the Padma joined. Bangladesh, the whole world is witnessing a historic moment. The government has announced that the bridge will be commissioned in December next year.

The work of installing the last span was completed at 12 noon today. The 41st span is placed on the 12th and 13th pillars of the bridge. Dewar Mohammad Abdul Quader, project manager of the main bridge, said, “The two banks of the Padma were connected at 12:02 pm by attaching the 41st span.” The dream came true today. ‘

The span was brought to a floating crane about 20 meters away from the pole on Wednesday afternoon. The floating crane took the span to the pole at around 10 am today. At this time a festive atmosphere was created at the scene.

The installation of the latest span marks the completion of the most important major work on the Padma Bridge. After the installation of road and rail slabs is completed, vehicles and trains will be able to move through the bridge. This will pave the way for direct connectivity with 29 districts in the south-west of the country.

The first span of the Padma Bridge sat on the pole on September 30, 2016. It took three years and two months to install the remaining 40 spans.Corona infection situation and excessive flow of floods slowed down the work of Padma bridge. After the installation of the 32nd span on October 11, the weather was favorable. No technical complications were created. As a result, it is possible to place the remaining spans in a row.

Usually the bridges are made of steel or concrete. But the Padma Bridge is a mixture of steel and concrete. The main structure of the bridge is made of steel, known as span. Poles and pavements are made of concrete. The length of each span is 150 meters. The whole bridge is visible by connecting the spans with 42 poles.


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