The Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) is planning expansion COVID-19 testing facility, engaging non-government or private organizations following South Korean Examples.

The approach called Walk-In Sample Kiosk (WISK) appeared safe and effective in collecting samples as the makeshift booths created scopes for COVID-19 suspects to be tested avoiding hassles and saving time.

“We see huge demands for ‘kiosks’ as well as these are proved to be safe for health care officials” a high official of DGHS told Business Mirror Saturday.

BRAC and Digital Healthcare Solution are two other NGOs to extend services in collecting samples.

Many private organizations have applied to DGHS seeking to replicate the system with payment, the official said adding

“We are reviewing their proposals as we plan to expand the testing facilities engaging the non-government or private sector,”.

The booth model is safe for health workers and the people want to be tested as well . . . it became popular as the people are getting the service almost at their doorsteps, the official added.

According to DGHS 61 PCR labs were set up across the country which now examines 15,000 to 18,000 samples, everyday.

A total of 25 private hospitals and diagnostic centers by now secured DGHS approval for sample testing against the backdrop of crucial needs for widening COVID-19 testing facilities,



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