The Bangladesh Medical Research Council (BMRC) has given moral approval to the third phase (clinical trial) of the new coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccine made by China’s Sinovek Company in Bangladesh. The International Center for Diarrhea Research, Bangladesh (ICDDRB) will conduct the test. It has been decided to give this approval on Sunday in view of the protocol submitted by this organization. The vaccine will be tested on health workers of seven hospitals in the country.

The vaccine will be administered to a total of 2,100 people.

Mahmud Uz Jahan, Director, BMRC, told Prothom Alo today, “ICDDRB has submitted to us the protocol for the third phase testing of the vaccine made by China’s Sinovec Research and Development Limited.” The National Research Ethics Committee has given ethical approval. The committee gave its moral approval. Now they will get the administrative approval of the institutions where they will conduct this test. ‘


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