BUET engineers built disinfection chamber for doctors, medical staff


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BUET engineers built disinfection chamber for doctors, medical staff

A group of BUET engineers has built a disinfection chamber especially for use of doctors and healthcare professionals.

The chamber is suitable as to disinfect their protective gears significantly, which will reduce their infection chance a lot

The system is sensor controlled and fully automatic. There is no possibility of physical contact with the chamber. The major components of the system are dosing pump, mist nozzles, hydraulic system, structure, electro-mechanical system & disinfectant.

“The system is simple where a fine mist of disinfectant (20-30 micron droplet) will be sprayed from well-designed sprinkler nozzles on the PPE gown of that Doctors/Nurses,” Prof. Dr. A.B.M. Toufique Hasan, Department of Mechanical Engineering, BUET told Business Mirror.

Mr. Hasan is the technical lead for this system said after completion a session at the chamber, the doctors can De-Gown their PPE a lot more safely.

Eng. Tariqul Islam from Bay Development Ltd, said these chambers will be used only for doctors and health professionals who wear full body covered with personal protective equipment (PPE) & others.

“The disinfectant (Hydrogen Peroxide) which will be sprayed in the chamber is approved by WHO, CDC and EPA-US.” Eng. Tariqul Islam added.

The team consists of 11 engineers, planners & architects of BUET batch 97. Planner Mr. Samiun Nabi from IWM coordinated the full team work and management.

First chamber is delivered today to Kuwait-Moitree Government hospital and will be ready for operation on Sunday. The team will build the second one to Kurmitola General Hospital in next week. These 2 chambers are funded by Mutual Trust Bank Limited (MTBL). On the other hand, dosing pump was supplied by BCL Fluid System & disinfectant was provided by Samuda Chemical Complex Ltd.

The team is ready to prepare disinfection chambers for other hospitals if support available from any organization.



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