Big investors are returning to the buying mood in the stock market.


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Big investors are returning to the buying mood in the stock market.

The country’s stock market was stuck in the circle of decline for a long time. The stock market index has lost more than a thousand points in the last year. By the end of last week, the market started to return to a positive trend. Thursday, the last working day of the week, saw investors witness a century of upswing in the stock market for many days.

In continuation of the previous day, today also on Sunday (June 07) the rising trend in the stock market continues. As the indices saw a rally at the start of today’s trading, the trading also witnessed a strong movement. Lately, this trend has emerged stronger.

Today, the main stock market Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) index increased by almost 61 and a half points and the transaction exceeded Tk 900 crore. Which is the highest in the last month. Earlier, on May 7, DSE traded taka 1108 crores. Today 1380 crores more than the previous day was transacted. Which is about 18 percent more in one day.

Market people say that the stock market is now at the bottom. Now is the best time to invest in the stock market. Those who invest in the stock market now will surely benefit.

Sunday market review

Today, Sunday (07 July), the main index of DSE, DSEX, is down 61.38 points to 5,558 points. Among the other two indices, the DSE Shariah index fell by 6.13 points to 1,214 points and the DSE-30 index fell by 13.15 points to 1,964 points.

Shares and units worth Tk 908 crore 77 lakh were traded in DSE today. 770 crores and 70 lakhs of taka were traded on the previous working day.

Shares and units of 398 companies were traded on DSE today. Among them, 305 prices increased, 69 decreased and 24 remained unchanged.

Another share market, Chittagong Stock Exchange (CAE), traded shares and units worth Tk 179 crore 62 lakh today.

On this day, 275 institutions participated in the transaction in CSE. Among them, the price increased in 212, decreased in 42, and remained unchanged in 21.



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