Bd uses Chinese PPE for doctors, nurses when India rejects safety grounds.


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Bd uses Chinese PPE for doctors, nurses when India rejects safety grounds.

When the Bangladesh authority is randomly using Chinese personal protective measures (PPE) at Covid-19 patient serving hospitals considering safe the Indian authority is rejecting most of those.

The authority Central Medical Supply Depot (CMSD) , the lone office is responsible supply all medical equipments, are receiving different quality local PPE from many garment factories.

“Considering the safety we are supplying Chinese PPE to doctors and nurse of Kurmitola Hospital and Kuwait Maitree Hospital, the two who are dealing Covid-19 patents,” Brig. Shahidul Islam, Director CMSD told Business Mirror Thursday.

He said the Chinese PPE are certified by World Health organizations (WHO) for which the CMSD is considering it safe.

But in India many kits made in China, the world’s main supplier, that were donated to the Indian government, were found unusable because they failed safety checks, a person aware of the matter told ET. Of 170,000 PPE kits that arrived in India on April 5, about 50,000 failed quality tests.

In a separate report of Health Ministry said Indian government significantly ramps up domestic production and some kits from China failed quality tests. The kits were tested at the Defence Research & Development Organisation laboratory in Gwalior.

Consignments that failed the quality tests are those received as donations from big private companies in India, the person said, without identifying the donors.

 To meet the shortfall, an order for an additional 1 million suits has been placed through traders, including a Singaporean company, people with knowledge of the plan said. However, all suits will be sourced from China only.

“By the end of May first week, we should have these suits. More orders are being placed,” they said. The government estimates India will be in a comfortable position if it had 2 million PPE suits. Government officials said there is no need to panic.

“The number of orders being placed is growing. China is the major supplier. We were totally dependent on imports earlier and never expected that there would be a surge in demand,” a senior government official said, adding that domestic manufacturing is ramping up, too.



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