Bashundhara starts selling commodities at fair price during Ramadan


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Bashundhara starts selling commodities at fair price during Ramadan

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Bashundhara Group started fair price sales of essentials at 20 spots of throughout the country on Thursday to reduce sufferings of poor and middle class customers. Bashundhara Food and Beverage arranged ‘fair price sales’ of commodities across the country marking the month of Ramadan.

Bashundhara Group Vice Chairman Safiyat Sobhan inaugurated the ‘Truck Sale’ program in the capital’s Bashundhara residential area on Tuesday.

Mr. Safiyat assured to conduct activities in 64 districts of the country next year, “Basundhara Group has always been working for the welfare of the country and people. As a continuation of that, we have decided to conduct our activities in this holy month of Ramadan with a larger scale.”

After the inauguration, Mr. Redoyanur Rahman (Head of Sales, Bashundhara Food Divisions and Bashundhara LPG) said, “Basundhara Food Divisions started the ‘Truck Sale’ program on a limited basis from last year. Keeping in mind the consumers, this year on a larger scale Bashundhara area, Karwan Bazar. , in front of the Secretariat building and in total 20 places in the country including Mohammadpur Krishi Market, we have started this program at an affordable cost.”

Captain Sheikh Ehsan Reza, Chief Human Resource Officer, Sector-A, Bashundhara Group, M. M. Jaseem Uddin, COO, Brand & Marketing, Sector – A, Bashundhara Group, Abdus Shukkur, COO, Supply Chain Divisions, Sector – A, Bashundhara Group, Belal Hossain, Chief Financial Officer, Bashundhara Food Divisions, Bashundhara Group, Zakaria Jalal, Head of Strategy, Planning and Public Relations, Sector – A, Bashundhara Group and Abdur Rahman, Head of Supply Chain, Sector – A Bashundhara Group.


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