Bangladesh’s Coastal Afforestation Efforts and Tree Plantation Campaign


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Bangladesh’s Coastal Afforestation Efforts and Tree Plantation Campaign

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina highlighted Bangladesh’s pioneering role in coastal afforestation during a program at the Bangabandhu International Conference Centre (BICC) to mark World Environment Day 2024. As of now, the country has successfully afforested approximately 261,570 hectares in coastal areas, creating a green belt of 89,853 hectares since 2009.

The prime minister inaugurated the Tree Plantation Campaign by planting two saplings—a Palash tree and a Bel (wood apple) tree—under the theme “Decorate the country with trees, enrich Bangladesh.” She emphasized the importance of tree planting in various locations, including offices, courts, mosques, and madrasas, to combat rising temperatures and protect the environment.

Sheikh Hasina encouraged citizens to plant fruit-bearing, wood, and herbal trees. Fruit-bearing trees provide sustenance, while wood trees offer financial benefits through timber sales. Her government’s goal is to safeguard the country and its people from natural disasters while promoting environmental conservation.

During this monsoon season, approximately 8.38 crore saplings will be planted. The Awami League initiated a tree plantation campaign in 1985, and the prime minister urged all party members to plant at least three saplings each—representing fruit-bearing, wood, and herbal trees.

Additionally, she emphasized ongoing research to develop submergence-tolerant rice varieties, aiming to enhance food security. The government’s success in creating saline-tolerant rice varieties for the southern region demonstrates their commitment to sustainable agriculture. While drought-tolerant rice varieties are also under development, the prime minister assured that commercial use of these varieties is on the horizon, ensuring food availability without excessive reliance on chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Meta Description: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina highlights Bangladesh’s coastal afforestation efforts and inaugurates the Tree Plantation Campaign. The country’s commitment to sustainable agriculture and research on submergence-tolerant rice varieties contribute to food security and environmental conservation.

Yasir Monon
Yasir Monon
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