10-fold company decline, one-third reduction in transactions


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10-fold company decline, one-third reduction in transactions

After being stuck in the circle of decline for a long time, the country’s stock market has turned around since the first working day of July. After that, the market continued to rise for 6 consecutive working days. At this time, the main stock market Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) index increased by 266 points.

In such a positive situation, there was some correction in the market yesterday on Wednesday. On this day, the DSE index fell by 26 points. Today (Thursday) the fall is more concentrated. Today the DSE index fell by more than 66 and a half points.

Market analysis shows that among the companies traded on DSE today, 9.53 percent of the companies have fallen compared to the number of companies that have increased in price. Today 61 institutions have increased prices. On the contrary, the price of 343 institutions decreased. Among them, the shares of more than one and a half hundred companies were without buyers.

Today, like the previous day, the market was slightly down at the beginning of trading, but it took a positive turn at 11:00 am. But could not survive for long. The market is again stuck in a downward spiral under the pressure of continuous sell pressure. After that, trading ended in a bearish circle for the day. But as much as the decline has been, so has the transaction. DSE’s transactions this week crossed taka 1000 crores, today the transactions came down to taka 6.50 crores.

According to the market participants, the DSE index increased by 266 points in a consecutive 6-day rise. Those who bought shares at this time are making a profit on their shares for these two days. Due to their profit-taking pressure, yesterday Wednesday, and today Thursday, the market remained in a good downward trend.

Market analysts say that many of those who sold shares today and yesterday have made 10-12 percent profit. Because in the last two days, the prices of most of the stocks in the first part have remained good. However, in the last few days, cell pressure has remained the highest decline of 3 percent in the room.

As such, for those who have taken profit from the shares in these two days, now is the time to make a new entry. Because of this, the buy pressure can be seen more than the sell pressure in the market from Sunday and the market can take a turn in a positive trend. Also, the index has dropped as much as 88 points in the last two days. So there is no more room for decline.

Thursday Market Review

Today Thursday (July 11), the main index of DSE, DSEX, is down 61.66 points at 5 thousand 506 points. Among the other two indices, the DSE Shariah index is down 11.94 points at 1,027 points and the DSE-30 index is down 15.77 points at 1,942 points.

Shares and units worth Tk 664 crore 28 lakh were traded in DSE today. 967 crores and 22 crores were traded on the previous day. Compared to the previous day, the transaction decreased by Tk 302 crore 94 lakh or 31.32 percent.

Shares and units of 397 companies were traded on DSE today. Among them, 36 rates increased, 343 decreased and 18 remained unchanged.


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